Different types of racehorse ownership

Owning a racehorse is taking your lifestyle to the next level. It is about embracing a whole new world, taking you to another echelon of sophistication and elegance and almost everyone has the opportunity to become one.

There are various types of racehorse ownership available from the National Horseracing Authority (NHA), namely:
 Individual/ Sole Owner- owning the horse outright. That means 100%. You decide on the name (if the horse is unnamed), choose your own silks and of course you receive the full stake cheque when your horse wins. You are also responsible for all the costs associated with getting the horse to the race track.
 Partnership- this is the start of shared ownership. Costs associated are shared between the partners within the partnership. Each partner is required to be an individual colour holder; however one set of silks is chosen to represent the partnership. Like minded individuals and groups of friends often enjoy this ownership category.
 Syndicate- A cost effective and easy way of registering an ownership. A “syndicate name” is registered and you can buy into the syndicate according to your budget. Once again the costs are split proportionally and so are the rewards.
 Company- Companies may be registered with the NHA and therefore the horse will be owned by the company. A nominee will need to be appointed who will sign documents on the company’s behalf.

The 2018/2019 schedule of fees from the NHA is as follows (new registrations)
Individual Colour Holder R4, 120
Partnership R5, 390
Company/ Trust/ Syndicate R10, 020

You will be required to renew the colours on an annual basis, but at a fee less than stated above for renewals.


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