Gauteng SANSUI Summer Cup

Gauteng SANSUI Summer Cup “The People’s Race”


The Gauteng SANSUI Summer Cup is one of the province’s most prestigious annual sporting events, combining the finest in horse racing with a fun, family-oriented day out. While the focus is on the thrilling horse races, the event is packed with entertainment for the whole family.

One of the few horse races in the country that children can enjoy, the Gauteng SANSUI Summer Cup offers a fun and secure environment for kids and parents alike. From admiring the beautiful horses in the parade ring and on the track, to experiencing a mind-blowing carnival complete with mechanical rides, face painters, buskers and delicious food offerings, the day promises endless wonder for the little ones.

There’s something for everyone at the People’s Race, and you can look forward to a stunning display of fresh South African talent, from roving fashion shows to local bands, a large-scale field band and a wide variety of different hospitality areas, where you can enjoy good food, drinks and music, in style.

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