Have you wondered what and why a jockey wears the following equipment? Here is a short explanation of each item

Helmet- to protect the jockey’s head in the event of a fall or even being kicked by horse while mounting/ working with it.

Goggles- in going (conditions) where there is a lot of kick back, a jockey may wear goggles to protect his eyes from any flying debris

Silks- these are the shirts that a jockey wears which help the commentator identify the horse in the race. Each owner needs to register with the National Horseracing Authority (NHA) and they then get to choose their silks. These colours are only registered to that owner. Should there be more than one horse in the race owned by the same owner, only the skull cap colour will change.

Crop- More often than not, the crop is waved past the head and in the closing stages the sound of the crop provides some encouragement to a horse to go faster.

Breeches- these are the lightweight pants that a jockey wears. They are always white in colour on race days.

Boots- the shoes worn by a jockey. Because they are long in length (up to just below the knee), they help secure a jockey’s leg.



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