About Racing. It’s a Rush

Brand Overview and Objectives – Racing, It’s a Rush

About Racing, It’s a Rush – Some of the major players in South African horse racing have joined forces to launch a campaign to market this incredible sport and promote its core values.

The main objective for Racing. It’s A Rush is to bring the ‘Sport of Kings’ back to the forefront of the lifestyle and entertainment industries. The goal is to reinvigorate the sport and bring back the glamour, thrill and excitement of horse racing. The brand is fresh, inspired and exciting and is discovering, attracting and engaging with a new generation of horse racing enthusiasts.

The idea is that the younger generation is exposed to a number of facets – the rush of racing, the fashion and the fun that comes with a day at the races. Using an interactive website and an ever-increasing social media presence a new wave of followers are being taught the intricacies of a sport that carries a proud history and is unearthing a new wave of talent.

There is still a long way to go as far as the end goal is concerned but the Racing, It’s A Rush brand is on the right path and has the necessary support required to achieve a number of objectives.

As with most industries, there are a number of complex challenges but at the same time the brand is confident that it has the necessary support to recognise any opportunity to promote horse racing in the future.

Part of the journey includes removing stigmas, educating a new, expanding audience and promoting a number of event experiences across South Africa.


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