Get to know… Trainer Justin Snaith

Racehorse trainer, polo player and well-known Cape Town horse racing personality, Justin Snaith, needs little introduction within the equestrian industry. With a strong family heritage in the sport and a longstanding reputation to uphold, Justin and his brother Jonathan have taken over the reins at Snaith Racing with determination and it has paid off. With a number of feature race titles to their name and consistently good results, it’s safe to say they’ve found the recipe to success in training.

How long have you been in the equestrian industry and in what disciplines have you participated?
My father was a showjumper and then he became a racehorse trainer, so one could say it is in my blood. I started jumping as a toddler but quickly got into race riding. Later in life I took up Polo which I am currently very passionate about as it keeps me in the saddle.

Which is the best racehorse you’ve ever trained and why?
I have been fortunate to train quite a few special horses. The ones that come to mind are Legislate, Futura, Bela-Bela, Dancer’s Daughter, Oh Susanna, Snowdance and Do it Again. Each horse is unique and has its owner characteristics that make it a great athlete – very similar to human athletes.

Is there once characteristic which you think is synonymous with all champion thoroughbreds?
They have to have a will to win and always know how to get their head down when it matters most. Having a good temperament is crucial.

What was your most special moment in racing so far?
Winning 8 races on J & B Met day in 2016 and setting a world record was a day to remember.

Do you have a mentor or role model?
My father, Chris Snaith, was a brilliant horseman and trainer and I have learnt a great deal from his experience.

What is the best part of your day?
Early morning watching all the horses move through their paces with just the sounds of their hooves and a smell of fresh coffee.

Do you have a motto or saying that you live by?
“a happy horse is a good horse”

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