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Horseracing Inductees into the South African Hall of Fame

The four superstars selected for induction into the South African Hall of Fame, was  announced on 16 January 2019 at the barrier draw for the Sun Met at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town.For  results, go to 

According to Clyde Basel, Racing Executive from Phumelela, it was a mammoth task to draw up a shortlist of nominees, considering South African horseracing’s rich history spanning well over a century.

“The National Racing Committee, comprising representatives from various racing operators, tasked a panel with the enormous task,” said Basel.

“The panel did an exceptional job and we are convinced that the horseracing fraternity and the public in general will be satisfied with the list of nominees.”

The process to determine the first equine inductees was set in motion by the South African Hall of Fame, who, in collaboration with Sun International and Phumelela, felt that it was long overdue to honour the sport’s legends.

The South African Hall of Fame, established in 2015, strives to tell the stories of extraordinary achievers while celebrating their holistic accomplishments, not only their talent, skill and successes.

“Through this we strive to inspire individuals to dream, and reach their full potential which in turn puts them in the position to make a difference in South Africa,” reads the vision of the Hall of Fame.

It was decided that one horse, one jockey, one trainer and one owner – from any era – will be nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame.

According to Basel, there will in future be other opportunities to nominate more equine heroes from current and former champions to be inducted into the SA Hall of Fame. If a current nominee does not make the grade this time round, they might in future get another chance.

The nominees were (in alphabetical order):

  1. HORSE
  2. Elevation
  3. Horse Chestnut
  4. Sea Cottage
  5. Sentinel
  6. Wolf Power


  2. Mike de Kock
  3. Ormond Ferraris
  4. Jean Heming
  5. Syd Laird
  6. Terrance Millard


  1. JOCKEY 
  2. Jeff Lloyd
  3. Anton Marcus
  4. Basil Marcus
  5. Garth Puller
  6. Michael Roberts
  7. Piere Strydom


  1. OWNER 
  2. Graham Beck
  3. Cyril Hurvitz
  4. Laurie Jaffee
  5. Mr & Mrs H F Oppenheimer
  6. Des Scott




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